spreading inspiration into a cuisine

We inspire warmth of our hearts in what we cook.


We are serving traditional Turkish and Mediterranian cuisine and would like to offer you to join us anytime whenever you decide to enjoy a traditional Turkish breakfast, nice lunch or a dinner at the terrace accompanied by live music and gorgeous sunset view.

Along with dozens of greek and aegean mezes both fish and meat are available, but we are mostly famous for our meat dishes. We make it grilled, we make it in tandir, we make it fried... we make it differently, but always delicious. 

Come to visit us and discover it yourself.



We would also love to offer you to try our Teldolap specialties:
  • gavurdağ salata

  • kabak çiçeği (cheese stuffed fried marrow flower) 

  • veal chops

  • çökertme kebabı

  • kanyaklı krem karamel

  • dondurmalı incir

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