We've build this house of our dream to let you feel like at home...

Our story started many years ago with just a dream.

We've been living our life in Istanbul - quite an average one, raising kids, hard working in our eco-food restaurant (also named Teldolap) in Bebek, overcoming challenges of everyday life... days filled with usual problems of surviving in a big city... There were times when i found myself standing in front of the window in the evening and watching another wonderful sunset. "I wish i could watch this amazing sunset staying at the terrace of my restaurant at Bodrum once" - I dreamed these days. I remember my husband coming by and tenderly hugging my shoulders. "What are you thinking about?" - he asked me one day. I shared my thoughts with him and since that time we started to dream together.

We drew a sketch of a stone house of our dream one night. “Here we put the kitchen… and here tables would stay… the restaurant would be like this and we could decorate it with flowers and pumpkin lamps…  

And here we’ll install the fireplace to make it warm and nice even in winter…” - we continued to clasp hands in excitement. 

I still remember how inspired we were tightening pencils in our hands gushing with tons of ideas and imagining it all to every last small detail. We were discussing how could it look like and how great it could be to welcome people in a heartwarming atmosphere of this amazing place for hours! Starry night covered gorgeous Istanbul with it's mysterious silver light veil and then we met the sun raising across the enormous minarets of the ancient city.

We've finally made this life changing decision. This dream was stronger then all the hard moments on our way and here we are now. With no regrets and with hearts still filled with love and inspiration. 

Well, several weeks ago and years after those days in Istanbul I occasionally found this old sketch we made. I've forgotten about it already. And i was crying that day - Teldolap restaurant appeared to be exactly the same as we imagined it years before.

We've build a stone house of our dream. We're waking up every day trying our best to make it a very special place to spend time with friends and family, sharing the warmth of our hearts and the atmosphere of home with others. 

I am always saying to our clients that we are offering not only high-quality food and service or one of the best sunset views in a whole Bodrum area, but firstly this unique atmosphere of a place. This is what we made it for. This is who we are.

So take your time and come to visit us and become a part of Teldolap family! 


Fatoş and Ömer Köylü, owners.

I came here as a tourist first and you know what? I came back to stay here for years…

I used to leave in Moscow before. I remember that year very well. I was so tired and exhausted, so i decided to run away from the noise and fuss of megapolis for couple months. I've found that particular place quite accidentally and this turned to become one of the most fortunate things that happened in my whole life. I fell in love with the place and family immediately. Less then two years passed and I've moved here to work and live in Bodrum. I'm a part of it now, being forever caught by the inspiration and indescribably warm and hospital atmosphere of Teldolap. What else to say… just give us a visit and experience it yourself!



Katerina, inspired partner

Years past and we are getting more reviews being published about Teldolap...

We have been noticed by famous journalists, gourmets and restaurant critiques. 

Sahrap Soysal, a well-known gourmet, award-winning cook-book and TV show author was one of our guests. She even asked couple recipes of our Teldolap specialties.

We had an honour to also meet famous journalist Ayşe Arman here. She had also written an article about us which was originally published in one of the biggest media giants of Turkey, the Hürriyet.

Look through them if you like to know more about what other people are telling about us:

Ayşe Arman. The Hürriyet.
City Life Bodrum Magazine.

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